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Spa GENROKU | Open-air Bath | Sand Bath

砂むし温泉の様子 This Sand Bath in Ibusuki is very unusual throughout the entire world. Bury yourself in the sand comfortably, and have some snooze with a sound of the sea.... After burried in the sand, you can take a bath in big bathhouse, wash off the sand and refresh like... a baby!

Sand Bath is very effective for perspiration due to the weight of sand Its effectiveness had been loved by people for treatment since 300 years ago, and was not well-known till recent. As soon as medical explanation revealed its effect, the news ran through the entire world. According to Dr. Tanaka, a professor at Kagoshima University medical school, it is understood that sand bathing increases the body temperature with high rate of heart impact. Increasing blood circulation refleshes your body by discharging wastes and observing oxygen sufficiently into your body. With this survey the effect of sand bathing reached to the conclusion that it has 3 to 4 times more effects compared to usual hot springs.

A picture of blood taken before and after bathing. They were taken from the same person, and that shows you the color difference, dark red color before bathing and very clear red color after bathing.