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ibusuki hakusuikan ibusuki hakusuikan 磯客殿温泉 Img14871 露天風呂 砂むし朝 元禄風呂
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A relaxing Japanese space in harmony with nature and excellence hospitality in here. Ibusuki is local in an area blessed with rich environment of nature at the south of Satsuma peninsula.  

The spirit of Hakusuikan – Traditional elegance meets modern excellence. Ocean views open before you, as a cool breeze flows through a garden of pines. Traditional hot spring spas will soothe both body and soul. Tranquility, relaxation and satisfaction await.


Hakusuikan is set amongst a series of beautiful Japanese gardens and pine trees. To keep these looking perfect all year round, we employ an expert team of gardeners, that work diligently in the background to produce a welcoming landscape for all of our guests.

ibusuki hakusuikan


Hakusuikan’s has a series of exceptional traditional Japanese style rooms. Each provides absolute luxury and relaxation with views of our pine tree gardens and the emerald blue sea.


Japanese cuisine is constantly changing to reflect the various foods that are in season at a given time. This idea is at the core of dining at Hakusuikan, where new menus each month reflect the finest tastes of the season.

Along with the finest in Japanese cuisine, we also have the highly distinguished ‘Fenice’ Italian restaurant. It serves the very best in Italian food made with fresh ingredients from the local area.

ibusuki hakusuikan

Hot Spring Spa

Hakusuikan offers several different styles of hot spring spas. Sculpted from cypress and stone, they provide unrivaled relaxation for mind and body. The pools of our Genroku-era bath faithfully recreate one of Japan’s most affluent times.

Along with this, there are also steam, barrel and bubbling spas that offer their own unique features and atmosphere.

The outdoor spa offers relaxation surrounded by nature. While the falling water from traditional Yagura-style spa provides a deeply satisfying shoulder massage. Of course, our famous sand-baths also await our guests. We guarantee you have never experienced anything like this before!

Hot Sand Baths

One of the most unique natural health and beauty treatments in the world today!

Loved by local people for over 350 years, our hot sand baths are great for body detoxification and increased circulation, which are now known to be 3-4 times greater than those of conventional hot-springs. Lying on the hot sand, with the sound of the sea in the background, is a relaxation that you will not soon forget.

It will leave you feeling thoroughly refreshed, with body and mind cleansed and a smile on your face.

ibusuki hakusuikan


One visit here, and you will come to understand Satsuma. This is the concept behind our History of Satsuma Art Museum, ‘Satsuma Denshokan’, home to one of the finest art collections of its kind in the world.

The building itself is a beautiful example of traditional Japanese architecture, surrounded by a rippling pond that invites you in. 

Within is an exquisite collection of Satsuma-ware and Chinese ceramics that reflect the beauty and history of the local area. Guests can also enjoy afternoon tea whilst surrounded by all of this beautiful art and history.

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